RDCadd About Us


How we got started

RDCadd was born from a need we saw in the construction industry for quality electronic as-built drawings. There is nothing more frustrating than relying on old paper drawings that haven't been updated in years when reviewing or starting a project.

The fact is most companies either don't have the time or capabilities to convert these paper drawings to a updatable CAD file. That is where we excel and make the whole process of cad conversion an easy task.

We have been continually growing our services and reputation since we first opened in 2006. Our team consists of over 20+ CAD operators and a strict management structure that ensures efficiency and accuracy from the very beginning of our relationship.

If you have any questions/comments you can reach us at 1-800-987-1876 or email.


Our Services

RDCadd is a professional drafting and conversion service company catering to contractors, architects, engineers, designers, etc. We have made the entire process of drawing conversion simple and tailored to your individual needs.

You can view our complete list of services here.


Our Location

RDCadd is 100% owned and operated in the United States of America. Our office is based out of Fairfax, VA which is a suburb of the Washington DC Metro area.



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