RDCadd Layer Guidelines

Our "in-house" RDCadd layering standard is very straightforward and in most cases all that will be required. However if you have additional needs we can use your own Custom layering guidelines or AIA layering guidelines in your conversion project.





ARCH Magenta .35 Architectural objects
A-TXT White .35 Architectural text/tags/symbols
TITLE Red .70 Titleblock (excluding text)
ELEC Yellow .35 Electrical objects
E-TXT White .25 Electrical text
GRID Grey .25 (Half-tone) Column grid
MECH Blue .35 Mechanical objects
M-TXT White .35 Mechanical text
MISC White .25 Equipment, furniture, miscellaneous
CIV Cyan .35 Civil objects
C-TXT White .35 Civil text
DIMS White .25 Dimensions
HATCH Grey .25 (Half-tone) Hatch patterns
G-TXT White .35 Keynotes, legends, schedules, etc.
DOOR Green .25 Doors
WDWS Green .25 Windows
UNCLEAR Red .15 Unclear information on drawing

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