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Step One How to place order

1. Items needed to begin project: (choose one)

Hard copies of drawings
Scanned drawings in .TIF or PDF format
AutoCAD files (.dwg, .dwt)

Ship all hardcopy documents to this address:

10332 Main St Ste 346

Note: You can send originals or copies to us through any major postal service. Rolled sheets are preferred, but not mandatory.

2. Determine which type of service (Standard, Custom, Maps/Site, Revit® Architecture) and pricing is best for your needs (refer to the menu on the right)

3. Contact us at

Our email, mailing address, and fax is located on our contact page.


Step Two Beginning your project

1. Once we receive the construction documents or AutoCAD files via SSL secured FTP and the completed order form we will evaluate your project and determine any special needs you may have.

2. All projects are managed in an easy to use online software called AceProject. You simply login to AceProject and you will have all these great features to choose from. 

Accessible 24 hours a day / 7 days a week on the internet
Easily upload/download your important project files
Gant charts, schedules, and a calendar to track critical dates
Receive emails once milestones are reached in your project
and much more...

Aceproject free test drive(NO registration required)


Step Three Completing your project

1. Once the drawings have been converted and gone through our 3-levels of quality assurance we will send the deliverables in the following formats:

AutoCAD/Microstation or Revit files
PDF - Color
PDF – Black & White
.TIF image
.CTB – for client plotting

2. We can deliver your files in many different options, listed below:

Floppy Disk
FTP Downloadssl-secure by geotrustSSL Secure Technology by GeoTrust
Email (if total files are less than 10MB)


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If you have any questions or need help with your order call us toll-free at 1-800-987-1876 or email us at

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