Quality Control Program

RDCadd is commited to providing the most accurate CAD drafting and conversion services available anywhere. We take every step possible to ensure that your final project is better than expected and most importantly on time.Outlined below is our 3-Level Quality Control Program:


Level 1 - Detailed Review

The CAD specialist will verify that all standards and additional instructions match the original perfectly. Once all items have been verifed it will be passed on to Level 2 of our quality control program.


Level 2 - Plot, Review, Correct Errors

The CAD Manager will plot the converted drawings and compare it to the originals that were submitted to us. Your standards, styles, and any special instructions specifed on the order form will be verified for 100% accuracy. Once we are confident that every detail of the conversion project is complete, we will move on to Level 3 of our quality control program.


Level 3 - Final Review

The Level 3 CAD Manager is responsible for taking one last review of all the converted electronic files before being distributed to you. Once we feel that all of your needs have been completely met and 100% accurate you will receive at least the following, plus any additional items you have requested:

- AutoCAD / Microstation / Revit Files
- PDF Export Files (Color)
- PDF Export Files (Black & White)
- *.TIF Files (200 dpi Original Scans)
- *Plot Style Table (use for plotting)

* (if applicable)