CAD to 3D Bentley BIM

Our office is trained and understands the current USACE (Army Corp of Engineers) BIM requirements for all submittals and deliverables to be in native Bentley BIM format. Email Us for more information.

Our Bentley BIM V8 XM service is ideal for coverting your AutoCAD / PDF / TIF / Revit files to a complete Bentley BIM model.

Download Samples:

Please email us for examples of current projects that we are working on in Bentley BIM.


CAD to 3D Service Includes:

• Fully compliant with current Army Corp of Engineers BIM requirements
• Complete Bentley XM Model
• Create titles, room name and numbers (schedules, notes, tags - optional)
• Sheets created for plotting purposes (if needed)
• 100% modeled into Bentley BIM at Full Scale 1:1
3-Level Quality Assurance
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee



Please email us for pricing.

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Learn more about our 3-Level Quality Assurance Program
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Payment Options:

Credit Card: Visa, Mastercard, Discover
Fill in your credit card information on the order form and we will process the payments once the entire project is complete.


Enclose your check with the completed order form and mail to our address. Please make checks payable to: RealDesigns LLC.


PayPal™ - SSL Secure Pay Here
We have recently added secure online payments through PayPal. A PayPal account isn't required to make payments, but is more convenient. This method is typically used if there is a very quick turnaround time or a matter of convenience.

Note: The PayPal payment method requires a 50% down payment before starting the project. Once the project is complete you will receive a invoice for the remaining balance.


Attention: RDCadd WILL NOT process payments until the entire project is complete. If you need further assistance you can reach customer service at 1-800-987-1876.

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